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getting inspriation from celebrities and catwalks....hopefully for a cheaper price :)

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Hello! I'm paige, and I love fashion. I love writing on my blog! It's fun meeting new people who have the same interests. So my blog is mostly about celebrity fashion, but I try to find inspiration in their outfits and find the same look for a reasonable price. I hope I can find cheaper alternatives...though sometimes for classics you just have to go for it!

D.I.Y. Proenza Schouler Bracelets!

By paigeemma · March 3, 2011· 0 Comments ·

I found this on NYLON.com and I am totally going to do it. I love the Proenza Schouler designs and the bungee cord bracelets were cool to me just because of their simplicity. Though the price begs to differ. One of the bracelets costs about $150. JUST A LITTLE COSTLY FOR US. So when I saw this D.I.Y. I got super excited, and it's pretty simple to do!

What you need:

Around 2 feet of climbing rope found at any outdoor/camping store.

Plain String, like the kind you use for friendship bracelets! I've gotten embroidery floss at a crafting store which works too.

A small carabiner key ring. They're the keychain that looks like something a rock climber would use.


Measure the rope length 2 times around the wrist. You will fold it in half so you can attach the carabiner keychain!

Burn the ends of the rope slightly so they won't fray.

The string just goes around the rope how ever you want, and it's good to go! You just kind of do what you want with it which is always fun to experiment with!

Have fun!


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